Cancellation Policy

Due to the seasonal nature and limited availability of our tours we can not provide refunds for tours canceled within 30 days of the tour date for any reason.  Because of this we highly recommend you purchase travel insurance to cover you in the event of trip cancellation or other problems.
Cancellations received before the 30 day period will be issued a full refund for any deposit paid.

No Show Policy

If the person named on the reservation does not present themselves at Adrian’s Internet Cafe the day prior to the tour, along with their photo identification and the remaining balance, in cash, the reservation will be considered canceled and no refund issued.
If the reserving party does not arrive at the dock by the time specified along with their boarding pass and identification the tour will continue without them and their tickets will be considered canceled and no refund issued.
ANY guest arriving to either the check in the night before or the morning of the tour in an obviously intoxicated or hung over state (visually, smell, behavior or other) will not be permitted to participate in the tour and will forfeit their money paid.

Bad Weather Policy

Tours may be canceled as a result of bad weather that may endanger the tour passengers.  The decision to cancel a tour will be made only by the tour guide or boat captain.  You must present yourself in the morning of the tour to determine if your tour has been officially cancelled or not.  If your tour is cancelled due to weather and we are unable to accommodate you before the end of your trip we will issue you a refund.  Refunds will only be issued to participants who return their boarding passes to Adrians Internet Cafe with the signature of their guide or captain indicating a weather cancellation.

Tour Date Change Policy

Once a reservation has been made, changes of tour dates are only permissible when the desired tour date has sufficient passenger availability.  There is no charge for changing tour dates as long as there is sufficient tour availability.  Changes required within 10 days of the tour date need to be done via email or in person at Adrians Internet Cafe.

Minimum Passenger Policy

A minimum of 4 passengers is required for each boat to leave each day.  If it appears that there is insufficient demand on your tour date we will email you ahead of time to check if your date is flexible in an attempt to coincide with other reservations.  If not, we will do our best to arrange your tour with another reputable tour provider.  In the case that we are unable to accommodate your tour date and unable to book you with another provider we will refund any money paid.

No Whale Sharks Policy

The Whale Sharks we are seeking are not in captivity and we do not have control over the animals nor the sea.  While our record is for locating them is great, we can not provide guarantees over the behavior of nature.  There is a chance that we will be unable to locate any Whale Sharks, in which case we will put you on our next available tour.